Tuesday, July 17, 2007

IPW cheers

Dear all,

Good job for all the creative cheers that you have written and planned.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

HangAroo - Game

Dear parents,

If you came for the Better English Workshop and would like to download the HangAroo game that was introduced by Mrs Tang, you can download it here: http://games.ncbuy.com/hangaroo/.

Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Circulatory Revision Notes Out NOW!!

Blood circulate around the body, distributing nutrients to your body and collecting carbon dioxide and other waste from the cells. At this stage, the colour of the blood darkened as there is less oxygen left. As heart muscle relax, blood flows back to the heart through vein.

After that, blood containing carbon dioxide leave the heart to the lungs so that carbon dioxide can be removed when you breathe out.

adapted from: lead.com

Ciculatory system in plants
(picture is taken from web)

A plant’s transportation system is made up of two tubes: xylem and phloem.

(To help you remember: Xylem is situated in the inner part of the stem. Xylem vessels transport water and mineral salts. Water is vital to the survival of the plant so like heart, it is located centrally.)

Pholem vessels transport food. (Remember: food has ‘O’ so phloem transports food. As food is not so important as compared to water, it can be located further away)

Words in Italic are written to help you remember the position of xylem and phloem and their functions. You do not write like that in the examination. :D

Download a copy from SharePoint Portal!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

An excellent piece of writing

A Burglary
Edina Loo

Lightning threatened to tear the night sky. The wind howled and leaves rustled. Soon, it was raining. The rain poured in torrents and trees bowed their crowns and stooped their branches as the torrential rain poured upon them. It was a rainy night. Not a single soul was in sight. The pale yellow moon, nestled comfortably among twinkling stars, glowed brightly.

Just then, a shadow moved. It belonged to the notorious burglar, Tek Ah Hock. He was tall and burly and his hair was long and greasy. His eyes were small and malicious. That night, he planned to burgle a newly-wed couple’s, Mr and Mrs Tans’, bungalow. He hurried to their house and with nimble fingers, he pried open the lock of the door deftly.

As he entered the house, he saw many antiques. He opened his big, black bag and put all the antiques inside noiselessly.

Ah Hock then crept up the stairs, and proceeded stealthily to Mr and Mrs Tan’s bedroom. He opened the door without a sound. He smiled maliciously when he saw the young couple fast asleep in their large bed. The burglar started opening drawer after drawer, pulling out everything he saw. Amazingly, he managed to ransack soundlessly. His eyes widened at the sight of glittering jewellery and thick wads of notes. He rubbed his hands gleefully. “I’m rich! I’m rich!” He rejoiced at his new-found wealth.

Out of the blue, THUD! The law-breaker had accidentally pushed the telephone. Mr and Mrs Tan woke up with a fright. The moment Mr Tan, a muscular personal trainer, saw Ah Hock, he pinned Ah Hock to the ground effortlessly while Mrs Tan snatched her cellphone and punched in the familiar number of the police:999, calmly.
After what seemed like an eternity, the men in blue finally arrived. They arrested the outlaw and returned the relieved couple their valuables. The police then took the criminal away. The law-breaker gave Mr and Mrs Tan an angry glare from the car window. The next day, the police informed Mr and Mrs Tan that Ah Hock would be getting his just deserts in a few days’ time.

Indeed, this is also a lesson we should all learn: Make sure that we install burglar alarms in our homes and keep our valuables in safes.

Strengths: Appropriate words and a range of vocabulary used. A variety of words is used to describe the same person. (Eg: Burglar, outlaw, lawbreaker, criminal) Composition is full of emotions! Well done. Mark: 17/20

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Click here to find out more about environmental issues. Let's do our part to save our Mother Earth!

E-assignments and Decimals website

Dear children,

I have posted 3 e-assignments in Sharepoint Portal. Please complete the 3 assignments namely Science T3 07, Vocabulary and P4 Rounding Off Numbers, by next Sunday, 15th of July 11.00pm.

You have one week to do the tasks. If you have any difficulties, feel free to approach me. Those of you whose computer is down, please inform me. I'll arrange a time slot for you to use the school computer lab.

There is a great site to revise and learn more about decimals. click: Cool Math - Decimals.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Let's SAVE Our Earth In Distress!

Do you realise that it is getting hotter as the day goes by...

The climate is changing. Global warming is getting worse.

What is global warming?
It is the gradual increase of the Earth temperature.

What causes global warming?
Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide trap heat and warm the Earth.

How can we help and do our part to save Mother Earth?
Save energy, use less electricity. Electricity is generated in power plants which add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere as electricity is produced.

So, switch on the air conditioner to cool the room. After that, switch it off and switch on the FAN instead. Switch off lights when no one needs it.

Children, what other ways can we save energy?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

IPW Discussion - 3July07

Dear children,

Great job! Most of you have already come up with a few survey questions. Keep it up! This posting is created for you to discuss any matters you need to clarify with your group members. :D

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