Thursday, August 30, 2007

For those hardworking ones...(Answers Added)

Dear diligent pupils,

Questions for you to do:

1.Mrs Lee ordered 28 bowls of noodles and plates of rice altogether. 3/7 of the food she ordered was noodles.

(a) How many bowls of noodles did she order? (12 bowls)
(b) How many plates of rice did she order? (16 bowls)

2. Yahya bought 32kg of beef and mutton for his wedding. 5/8 of the meal bought was beef and the rest was mutton.

(a) How many kilograms of beef did he buy? (20 kg)
(b) How many kilograms of mutton did he buy? (12kg)

3. Shu Fong collects Singapore and Malaysia stamps. She had 28 more Singapore stamps than Malaysia stamps in her collection. If 5/8 of the stamps were Singapore stamps,

(a) How many Singapore stamps did she collect? (70 stamps)
(b) How many Malaysia stamps did she collect? (42 stamps)

4. At home, Kok Keong spends 40 more minutes studying than playing. He spent 3/4 of his time studying.

(a) How many minutes did Kok Keong spend studying? (60 minutes)
(b) What is the total time he spent on studying and playing? (20 minutes)


Yu Wan said...

Patric Ching kick my leg until got bruises

Anonymous said...

Miss lee,
Do we need to take our plant to school on Monday?

Elizabeth Ng

Casey Lim said...

Miss Lee,is there remedial tommorow?

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Lee,

is there supplymentery class tmrw???


Bla bla bla... said...

Hi there super-dupers! What's up? Or should I say- What's down?!

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